Skydive Auckland FIFA Women's World Cup
Skydive in Auckland For Women's FIFA World Cup

Skydive in Auckland to launch FIFA Women's World Cup!

Our Skydive Auckland team are so excited to have performed the epic skydive into Eden Park in Auckland to launch the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023!

This stunt was to celebrate ‘Three Days to Go’ and we did an acrobatic skydive and aerial flag display over Auckland. New Zealand skydiver Brent Findlay performed the stunt that saw a 17-metre-long flag unfurled midway through the 18,000-feet jump into Eden Park. We’ve been looking forward to this event for so long and now it’s here!

We were approached to do the stunt to celebrate the lead up to the FIFA Women’s World Cup. FIFA wanted to showcase Auckland and Eden Park, what better way to do that, then some amazing views of Auckland and the stadium from the air.

A  normal skydive into Eden Park requires a lot of planning and preparation, but the addition of a 1,152 square foot flag made the jump even more technical.
Skydive Auckland enlisted staff member Zac Edwards and local sport skydiver Chris Stewart to as videographers the stunt, and Brent Findlay as the flag jumper.  Brent has done multiple flag jumps in the past, but has never landed one of this size into a stadium before, the pressure was on!
Flag jumps are more complicated to execute than a ‘normal’ skydive, the flag itself was 8m in height and over 15m in length and it becomes even more complex when you have to cross over stadium seating to land accurately within a small area.
The team did several practice jumps at Skydive Auckland, including on the morning prior to the event taking place at Eden Park.  
There was a lot of co-ordination involved, with FIFA representatives flying over from Australia.  The forecast for the week was awful.  We only had two days to pull it off, as Eden Park was preparing for the opening of the games, so we needed the weather gods on our side! We’re so pleased with the outcome – the video and photos are fantastic. Well done team!

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