Skydive Auckland Conservation Project Native Trees Planted

Skydive Auckland Conservation Project Update

On 19 July 2023 we had another planting day, this time with 28 Kaipara College students and teachers with 1,434 native trees finding their forever home! These trees were grown by the students at their school and our Skydive Auckland team transported them over to our base. 

We are committed to caring for our whenua and environment, which is why we are undertaking a conservation project to convert some of our land into wetland by planting with native trees. This will provide more oxygen-converters, increase biodiversity and reduce soil erosion in the flood-prone area.

We are working with Trees For Survival and through this partnership we have now had 3,516 native trees planted by school students into their forever home on our land.

Well done Kaipara College students and teachers. A job well done!

220 x Upokotangata
(Giant Umbrella Sedge / Cyperus ustulatus)
Giant umbrella sedge grows in clumps, up to 2m tall. It is easy to spot because of
its dark brown seed heads, it grows well in damp open areas like stream sides or
wetlands where it makes great nesting habitat for aquatic birds.

315 x Ti Kouka
(Cabbage Tree / Cordyline Australis)
Being one of our most iconic natives, Ti Kouka trees were an important food
source and weaving plant for early settlers in NZ. It can be found throughout NZ
from sea level up to 600m elevation. Tui and kererū enjoy its fruit in the summer.

500 x Harakeke
(Flax / Phormium Tenax)
Flax grows well in a wide range of habitats and is abundantly found throughout
NZ. Its flower stalks can grow up to 4m tall and tui and bellbird are especially fond
of the nectar.

279 x Karamu
(Coprosma robusta)
Common throughout NZ and easily recognised by its bright orange fruit, Karamu
grows up to 6m tall and provides food for birds in winter. It easily self-seeds
which makes it a great plant for many restoration projects.

120 x Manuka
(Leptospermum Scoparium)
Manuka is a great plant for restoration projects. It is a hardy plant that can live
almost anywhere in NZ from Cape Reinga to Stewart Island and from wetlands to
dry banks. It also an important medical plant.

When anyone purchases a skydive with us they are provided with the option to plant two trees and we then purchase native trees in bulk to plant as part of our ongoing conservation project.
We follow the TIAKI promise and encourage everyone else to do the same! Here are some of our sustainability actions.
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