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sustainable tourism

Delivery of a fun, exhilarating and safe skydiving experience can have an environmental impact so we employ sustainable business practices minimizing the effect we have on our environment.

Energy Efficiency

  • Energy efficient lighting – we’ve moved to LEDs
  • Use of re-chargeable batteries for all our keyboards and radios.
  • Energy audits every 6 months
  • Switching off when not in use

Waste Management

  • Use of electronic and digital products, communications and marketing to reduce use of paper.
  • Recycling onsite.
  • Re-use of equipment and resources across all assets of the business.
  • Use of hand dryers to eliminate paper towels.
  • Reducing the waste of water.


  • Actively measure and monitor our carbon footprint, to ensure continuous improvement.
  • Minimizing fuel usage. 
  • Providing a smoke free environment.
  • Reduction of noise pollution through planned scenic flight.


  • Working with Department of Conservation (DoC) to improve the local wetlands reserve.  
  • Providing a forever home for native trees by partnering with Trees For Survival where local school students plant trees they have grown from seed on our land.
  • Providing our customers with the option to purchase the planting of 2 trees, or carbon credits.


  • Being an informed consumer, making purchase decisions based on supplier corporate responsibilities.  
  • Choosing local suppliers and NZ owned companies, such as NZ Aerosports and Seabreeze Apparel.

Community and Culture

  • Respecting Maori heritage in our corporate design, through newly designed merchandise and design of our reception area.
  • Education of our staff, through becoming Tamaki Makaurau Auckland Ambassadors.
  • Working with local groups to promote culture and history of the region.
  • Supporting local charities, schools and the general community through the organising of events, fundraising and donations.  Check out some of our most recent activities, including Keep New Zealand Beautiful Week & Skydive For Charity events.
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