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Tandem Master, AFF Instructor, Coach

With nearly 15,000 jumps, Aaron has been skydiving professionally for over 17 years. Originally from Auckland, one of his favourite moments in his skydiving career is taking his 3 year old son for a skydive!


Tandem Master

Owen, our Irish giant, started his career at NZ Skydiving School. He now has over 7,000 jumps, has worked at Taupo before returning to Auckland, and has a very cute boy called Atticus!


Tandem Master, AFF Instructor, Camera Flyer, Coach

With over 11 years of skydiving experience in home town Australia, and America and Germany, Ballzy has over 10,000 jumps under his belt. As well as skydiving he also loves a bit of speed flying.


Tandem Master, AFF Instructor, Camera Flyer

Jacob loves teaching others to skydive and has over 750 jumps under his belt. He completed his Diploma at the NZ Skydiving School after doing his work experience placement at Skydive Auckland. He’s passionate about skydiving, his dog Poppy, loves hanging out at the beach.


Tandem Master, AFF Instructor

Robbie is from Portsmouth in the UK and has been skydiving for 9 years. He loves helping others achieve their skydiving goal and enjoys how he meets so many interesting people through skydiving. Addicted to being in the sky, he is now learning to paraglide.


Pilot, Tandem Master, Camera Flyer

Sam is from Napier and has been a pilot for 10 years working at 6 dropzones, with over 3,500 hours of fly time under his belt. He has a little boy called Alfie, used to be a ski instructor and anaesthetic technician, and as well as flying planes he also enjoys jumping out of them!


Ground Crew

Monique is originally from Sydney. She loves the freedom and liberating feeling that skydiving offers, and completed her Diploma in Commercial Skydiving in April 2022. Her hubby is also a skydiver and when she’s not jumping out of planes Monique loves movies, reading and hanging with her kids Noah and Ruby.


Tandem Master, Jumpmaster, Camera Flyer.

Shaun is one of the tallest members of staff so when he is not being asked to change lightbulbs or reach things from high shelves, he is teaching students, doing tandem skydives or camera flying. Shaun has over 3000 skydives under his belt and completed his Diploma in Commercial Skydiving at the NZ Skydiving School.



Pierce is from Auckland, has previously been a flight instructor and prior to that worked for a tailor. He prefers a cocktail over a beer and is loving being part of the Skydive Auckland family.

Matt G

Camera Flyer, Ground Crew, Parachute Packer

Matt is from Timaru and he did a tandem skydive when he was 15 years old and immediately knew he wanted to work in this industry! He completed his Diploma in Commercial Skydiving in September 2022 and looks forward to becoming a Jumpmaster and Tandem Master. He was a competitive swimmer for 8 years and loves going to the gym.



Ground Crew

Max is a pilot in training and is accumulating flight time with us whilst also being a member of our ground crew. Outside of planes he enjoys visiting the beach with his chihuahua Pete and planting trees!


Parachute Packer

Xaos is originally from China. He graduated from the NZ Skydiving School in December 2019 and has a real interest in equipment, aiming to be a Rigger. He also works at NZ Aerosports and his wife Victoria comes out and skydives with us too!


Tandem Master, AFF Instructor

Mitch learnt to skydive when he was just 16 years old. He then became a Tandem Master and AFF Instructor and has travelled and worked overseas. Outside of skydiving, Mitch is studying to become a doctor!



Tony starting skydiving at age 15 and has done over 11,000 jumps. After the success of opening Skydive Taupo, he decided that with it’s amazing views, West Auckland would also be an awesome place to start a skydiving business. In 2013, the NZ Skydiving School was moved to Skydive Auckland so that the world’s skydiving industry has a supply of fully qualified and professional talent.


Marketing Manager

Jo moved from the UK to NZ 8 years ago and landed her dream job doing the marketing for Skydive Auckland and the NZ Skydiving School. She loves snowboarding, hiking, bouldering, wine tasting and walking her dog Rufus.


Parachute Packer, Bus Driver

Alex is a history nerd from North Queensland and is working towards becoming an AFF Instructor to teach others to skydive. Before working in this industry he was a drug and alcohol counsellor in Australia but decided he wanted a less stressful job (like skydiving!) so he enrolled at the New Zealand Skydiving School and hasn’t looked back.



Ground Crew

Aucklander Glenn used to work in the property industry until 2023 when he signed up for his Diploma in Commercial Skydiving and had a career change. Outside of skydiving he is either trail running (sometimes 100km!) or hanging with his daughters Margot & Maven.


Ground Crew

Hollie is an Aucklander and completed her Diploma in Commercial Skydiving in 2023. Her goal is to one day travel the world as a Camera Flyer and when she’s not jumping out of planes she’s usually at the beach!

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