Skydive For Charity in Auckland! Raise funds for a great cause.
Skydive For Charity

Skydive For Charity in Auckland

Many want to tick skydiving off their bucket list. So how about fundraising for a great cause, and then getting a skydive for absolutely FREE? Too good to be true? Skydive Auckland has teamed up with a variety of fantastic charities to make this happen!

Each charity sets a fundraising target and creates the campaign themselves. All you need to do is sign up, and fundraise the target amount. Then you get your skydive absolutely free. It’s that simple. 

Take a look at our Skydive For Charity page to see which charities we are working with. Some set actual event days so you can skydive as a group with other fundraisers. Some run the campaign on an ongoing basis so you can choose the date that you take the leap. 

On the day of your skydive, you can also choose to upgrade the height of your skydive and add videos & photos. 

“Everyone had such a great time today and the vibe on the ground was fantastic. The staff were great and it was just such a special experience. Thank you so much for making it all possible and allowing us to fundraising for Mercy Hospice through Skydiving – very cool! We will absolutely do it again next year as it was such a good vibe on the day and exactly what we stand for at Mercy Hospice – ‘Live every moment’!!!  It’s such a perfect fit for our fundraising.” (Mercy Hospice)

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