Summer Shred Boogie at Skydive Auckland for Sport Skydivers

Summer Shred 2024 Boogie

In February 2024 we held our Summer Shred Boogie! This is an annual event for experienced sport skydivers and despite the weather challenges we still managed to do over 700 skydives in 2 epic days. 
Our swooping pond saw a lot of action during the event. Skydive Auckland has the largest swooping pond in the Southern Hemisphere and skydivers reach extremely high speeds as they swoop toward the pond and skim the water.
At the end of each day of skydiving we did a swoop & chug where skydivers race to land accurately and then drink a beer in the quickest time possible. It was close but the fastest came in at 13 seconds!
Skydive Hayabusa did a big talk on the Sunday when the weather was not on our side. We then held a Hawaiian themed party where everybody donned their hula skirts and leis! 
We provided fabulous food to our skydivers and also supported the local community. Big thanks to Liberty Beers and Burgers, The Ville Turkish Cafe and Fire n Slice. 
Over the weekend we gave away loads of prizes. Massive thanks to our sponsors; Jyro, iFly, Manufactory, L&B and Tobu for all of their support, we really appreciate it.
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