When considering things to do in Auckland, nothing is more exciting than skydiving here at Skydive Auckland. Redefine freedom and transform reality with the highest tandem skydive in New Zealand from 20,000ft with 85+ seconds of freefall!!

Skydive Auckland is located in Parakai, an easy 45 minute drive from Auckland City. Free transport from Auckland City can be provided (subject to availability) making Skydive Auckland and tandem skydiving the best Auckland activity available.

Going to skydive for the first time? Our highly trained tandem skydiving instructors will give you an unforgettable experience. You will freefall at a speed of 200+km/hr with stunning views of the east and west coasts, rainforests, beaches and of course Auckland City.

Skydive Auckland is also New Zealand’s largest sport skydiving drop zone and student training center, providing the highest standards in teaching, equipment and safety.


Want to skydive solo?

Qualify to skydive solo in only 8 jumps through our Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) program where you will learn comprehensive skills for flying your body and piloting your parachute.

The New Zealand Skydiving School ltd, based at Skydive Auckland, is the first and only Private Training Establishment to offer courses specifically designed for those seeking future employment in the growing skydiving industry, here in New Zealand and across the world.