Who can learn to skydive?

Skydiving is an extreme activity, so there are some age and weight restrictions if you wish to learn to skydive:
Age: The minimum age is 16 and if you are under the age of 18 we do require parent/guardian permission.
Weight: Due to equipment restrictions, you must weight less than 100kgs, be fit, flexible and be in good health.


How long will it take to complete the AFF learn to skydive programme?

Skydiving is a weather dependant sport and it is the one thing we have no control over! How quickly you progress through your learn to skydive programme depends on several factors such as your ability, your availability and particularly the weather. We have had students complete our AFF learn to skydive programme in only 3 days, but that is with perfect conditions. The months of December – April are usually most favourable for students.


How much does learning to skydive cost?

Skydive Auckland’s learn to skydive programme is very competitively priced, as we love skydiving and want everyone have the opportunity to experience what it is like to learn to skydive! All of the prices for the various course elements of our AFF learn to skydive programme, as well as further information on progression, can be found on the Learn To Skydive page.


Do I need to pay for the full AFF learn to skydive programme at the start?

At Skydive Auckland, our 8 level AFF learn to skydive programme is done on a ‘pay as you go’ basis. This means you only pay on the day, for the skydives that you do. The first cost you will be required to pay for is the initial AFF theory training course, after that you will be pay for each skydive that you complete. This makes Skydive Auckland’s learn to skydive programme easily affordable, as you don’t have to pay for the entire course up front. However, if you prefer to do that you can!


Can I learn to skydive with if I have glasses or contact lenses?

Yes you can, we provide suitable goggles so no matter if you wear glasses or have contact lenses, you can still learn to skydive with us.


What do I wear to learn to skydive?

You should wear comfortable snug-fitting clothes that are appropriate to the weather, in colder months we suggest you wear thermals. Footwear such as trainers/running shoes are ideal as they are comfortable, flexible and will allow you to point your toes. Climbing boots or any shoes with hooks are not allowed.


What is next after completing my AFF?

Once you have completed our 8 level AFF programme, you can then progress towards gaining your internationally recognised NZPIA A Certificate. This training programme includes 17 more skydives including solo skydives and coached skydives, further developing your skills in freefall and under canopy. Skydiving is an extremely varied sport, the learning and the fun never stops!


I want to complete the A Certificate course, how long will that take?

If you want to learn to skydive and complete the full NZPIA A Certificate, you will need to allow 12-14 days, with favourable conditions. If you want to learn to skydive during the months of May – November, this may take considerably longer due to less favourable weather conditions.


I want to complete AFF level 1 first, before I decide if I want to complete the full AFF programme, how much time should I allow?

The first step to learning to skydive is completing the AFF training theory course, which takes a full day, from 8:15am – 5.00pm. Following successful completion of this course, you can undertake AFF level 1 if the weather conditions are suitable and time allows.


If I start to learn to skydive at Skydive Auckland, but due to bad weather I can’t complete them all. Can I continue to learn to skydive elsewhere in New Zealand?

At Skydive Auckland we have a dedicated learn to skydive centre, so if you allocate enough time you should be able to complete the AFF programme and learn to skydive. Each skydive is logged in your own log book and we also provide HD footage of all of your skydives, so if for some reason you don’t complete your learn to skydive programme, you will be able to take this away with you.


I don’t live in New Zealand, will my skydives and/or skydiving qualifications be accepted elsewhere?

All parachute organisations have different requirements. The Skydive Auckland learn to skydive programme has been setup to include criteria that is required at parachute organisations across the world. That means the skills you acquire while learning to skydive here at Skydive Auckland will be transferable. When you achieve the NZPIA A Certificate, you can usually be cross-credited with an equivalent licence at another parachute organisation.


Is it safe to learn to skydive?

Skydiving is an extreme sport and with any sport there is always an element of risk. At Skydive Auckland, your safety when learning to skydive, is our number one priority. Our dedicated learn to skydive training centre is affiliated with the New Zealand Parachute Industry Association (NZPIA) which means all of our courses, instructors, equipment and procedures are sanctioned by New Zealand’s leading skydiving governing body.


Do I need to have insurance to learn to skydive?

In New Zealand you are automatically covered by ACC, an Accident Compensation Corporation but this does preclude any long-term care or transportation to a foreign country. Skydive Auckland also has third party liability insurance just in case you accidently cause damage to people or property while you are skydiving with us.


Do you offer any group discounts to learn to skydive?

At Skydive Auckland we love skydiving and we try to keep the costs as low as possible. We can offer discounts from the AFF training theory course for groups of 5 or more, so if you get a group of your friends together, please get in touch and we can give you more information.


Do you offer learn to skydive gift vouchers?

Skydive Auckland is able to provide you with a gift voucher for any element of the AFF learn to skydive programme, from just the AFF theory training course through to the individual levels or the entire thing. All of our prices can be found on our website. If you want a gift voucher, please email us with your specific requirements.