The first 20,000ft [6096 metres] tandem skydive ever to take place in New Zealand happened on Friday 31st October at Skydive Auckland in Parakai, West Auckland.

CEO Tony Green has 29 years experience in skydiving and elected to take Skydive Auckland Marketing Manager Jo Austin for this New Zealand first, experiencing over 85 seconds of freefall time and reaching a speed of 200km/hr.

Jo Austin: “You really feel like you are flying. The region is beautiful but seeing it from this height is something else. You’d think I would be used to skydiving by now but that took my breath away. I know what I’ll be asking for for Christmas! “

Tony Green: “For most people, skydiving is a once in a lifetime experience but this is something exceptional. We are really proud that due to our location we cannot be beaten on height and that we can offer the ultimate NZ tandem skydiving experience.”

Civil Aviation rules limits tandem skydiving to a maximum exit altitude of 20,000ft, but with Skydive Auckland’s landing area being two feet below sea level, they are officially the highest, completing skydives from 20,002ft.

The 9 people who jumped yesterday have collectively done over 62,000 skydives. They built a star formation in the sky.

Skydive Auckland is running a competition to find the best name for this ultimate skydive. They are offering two free 20,000ft tandem skydive to the whoever comes up with the best name.

With skydiving being one of the most popular extreme activities in New Zealand this new 20,000ft tandem skydive, being the highest in NZ, marks a new bucket list item for Aucklanders, domestic and international tourists. With over 85 seconds of freefall over Auckland’s stunning coastal landscape and free pickup available from Auckland City Centre, this could be the ultimate NZ experience.