For the third year in a row, in honour of Parakai local and legend 'Mad Dog' Ross King we're hosting a special sport skydiving event at Skydive Auckland, The Mad King Boogie III. During this 4 day event, we will be doing sunrise jumps into Big Manly Beach and sunset beach jumps into Muriwai Beach, novelty jumps, competitions, organised jumps, swooping and more!

Our swoop pond will be an exciting part of the event. Skydive Auckland has the largest swoop pond in the Southern Hemisphere where experienced skydivers can land at high speed. It's 100 metres long and the skydivers will swoop as fast as they can with speeds of around 120 km/hr. They are scored on factors such as; accuracy, distance with contact with the water and the best trick that they can do.

Ross again, will present the 'Mad Dog Award' at the end of the event.

This event is sponsored by NZ Aerosports, NZPF, i-FLY Queenstown, Manufactory Apparel and Aerodyne.

Tandem skydives will be happening as always so if anyone who is not a Sport Skydiver would like to get in on the action, book now!