2,482 Native Trees Planted at Skydive Auckland

This season we have now had 2,082 native trees planted by school students into their forever home on our land. Thanks to St Peter's College students who visited us on a 25th August for a very rainy planting day where they planted 780 trees! (We looked after them with a sausage sizzle after the planting!) 

Alongside those already planted by Kaipara College and Avondale College students who had previously planted 1,302 native trees in July, this finished our planting season off with a bang!

Our team have also planted a further 400 native trees that we either grew from seed ourselves, or purchased from local nurseries, bringing our total natives planted to 2,482 this season.

When anyone purchases a skydive with us they are provided with the option plant 2 trees and we then purchase native trees in bulk to plant as part of our ongoing conservation project.

We are planting the entire riparian edge of the property which will create an excellent corridor for the native birds and insects, filter the runoff from the land, stabilise the soil during flooding, fix the carbon from the atmosphere and generate oxygen.

We follow the TIAKI promise and encourage everyone else to do the same!

Native Trees In Their Forever Home At Skydive Auckland
On 15th June we had a brilliant planting day with Avondale College and Kaipara College! 1302 native trees were put in their forever homes, the kids had a blast, and together we are restoring our natural environment!
We planted: 
183 x Harakeke
407 x Manuka
383 x Karamu
153 x Ti Kouka
176 x Mahoe 
It was awesome to have the students from Kaipara College and Avondale College at Skydive Auckland for the day and we provided a feast for lunch.

The planting site was alongside the Kaipara River, on the other side of the stop bank. We plan to plant the entire riparian edge of the property which will create an excellent corridor for native birds and insects, filter the runoff from the land, stabilise the soil during flooding, fix carbon from the atmosphere and generate oxygen.

Thank you Kaipara College and Avondale College horticulture students and teachers for your care in growing the plants at your schools and your enthusiasm and hard work coming out to Skydive Auckland to plant the plants. Thank you Liz Peterson from the Sustainable Schools team at Auckland Council for coming along and helping for the day. And also big thanks to Gail Allende from Trees For Survival for facilitating and helping make this happen.

And on 18th August we are holding our second Trees For Survival Planting Day with St Peters College students! 

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A Career In Skydiving!

Our very own Matt Mckay performed a keynote speech at the Career-A-Thon, a 12 hour long broadcast by the Auckland Business Chamber to secondary schools. The event was aimed at bridging the gap between schools, job seekers and the wider world of work. 

You can catch all the action here: https://aucklandchamber.co.nz/careerathonbroadcast/

Matt tells us what inspired him to choose skydiving as a career and tells his background and how he managed to get to where he is now. He has been skydiving for just over 3 years, and has been working in the skydiving industry for just over 2 and a half years. He is currently a tandem master, taking customers for their experience of a lifetime. He is also a skydiving instructor and coach, teaching others to skydive solo. 

"The things that inspire me in my job now are the same things that inspired me when I first started. First and foremost, it's fun! There is nothing like it in the world!"

One of his career highlights was when his Dad chose to do his very first skydive and Matt was in the sky filming him having his experience of a lifetime. 

When Matt chose skydiving as a career, he enrolled at the New Zealand Skydiving School, based at Skydive Auckland, and started his 32 week Diploma in Commercial Skydiving in April 2019. The course includes 200 skydives, and there were guys and girls on the course who had never ever done a skydive ever before. 

"We worked our way through the course until we had become very skilled skydivers with impeccable safety standards. We learnt the skills we needed to film tandem customer and we built key skills and knowledge that we are expected to know and perform when we are working in the skydiving industry. After I had completed the Diploma and had finished my work placement at Skydive Auckland, the first jobs I was offered was to be a parachute packer and videographer. As a videographer I got paid to film tandem customers. I got paid to skydive and fly around them and film them. I had taken my first steps into becoming an instructor and I got paid to have the time of my life."

Want to have a career in skydiving or know someone that does? The New Zealand Skydiving School is based in Parakai, West Auckland. This 32 week, NZQA approved Diploma includes 200 skydives, an international work experience placement opportunities and has an excellent employment rate. NZ or Oz residents could qualify for Fees Free

Skydive Auckland Conservation Project

We are committed to caring for our whenua and environment, which is why we are undertaking a conservation project to convert some of our land into wetland by planting with native trees. This will provide more oxygen-converters, increase biodiversity and reduce soil erosion in the flood-prone area.

We are working with Trees for Survival. In June 2022, we're having planting days where local school children will come and plant the native trees that they have grown! Kaipara College and Avondale College will be planting 1,238 native trees on our land. We'll ensure the trees are well looked after and the students are welcome to return to see their progress.

All our customers are invited to donate two native trees to help us restore nature and make the air cleaner and world greener. We will then purchase the trees, plant them and care for them as part of our conservation project.

Another option to reduce the impact that the skydive has on the environment is to purchase 'carbon credits' from environmentally beneficial projects. Permanent forests and sustainable, low-energy projects generate emission reductions that can be measured as carbon credits. You can contribute to the carbon credits that we purchase to help address the carbon emissions from your skydive.

Skydive Auckland is proud to maintains it's Gold Qualmark Award. This award recognises the best sustainable tourism businesses in New Zealand, with the delivery of exceptional customer experiences an integral part of everything they do.  A Gold Sustainable Tourism Award identifies those businesses leading the way in making the New Zealand tourism industry a world class sustainable visitor destination. Skydive Auckland was also a finalist for the Qualmark 100% Pure New Zealand Experience Award 2021. This award is an opportunity for operators to demonstrate commitment towards their people, community and place through their actions. The awards are not just about excellence in business leadership, they’re about recognising Qualmark members who are enriching their operating environment through initiatives that support the sustainability of the business and their communities.



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Jump For Cancer at Skydive Auckland

All of our Skydive Auckland team are excited to welcome back Cancer Society for Jump For Cancer! Sign up NOW, fundraise $1000 and come and skydive for free!

Let this be the year you finally tick it off your bucket list, whilst also doing some good and giving back. Experience the thrill of helping to create a future with less cancer.

Cancer Society have been jumping at Skydive Auckland for years as one of our Skydive For Charity partners. 

Nobody should go through cancer alone. Whether it's driving someone to treatment, free specialist advice and support for cancer patients from the time of diagnosis, during their treatment and beyond, or accommodation when undergoing treatment far from home - the Cancer Society is there. Fundraising from JUMP will go towards cancer care across New Zealand, education and awareness programmes, and life-saving cancer research.

Our Cancer Society jump days for 2022 are Friday 20th and Saturday 21st May. Or you can choose another date to jump in May that works for you. All you need to do is fundraise the charities target of $1000 and you will take the leap from 13,000ft! Cancer Society will be onsite to cheer you on and celebrate with you after your skydive. 

Mercy Hospice raises over $5,500 at Skydive Auckland!

Our brave fundraisers that raised over $800 for Mercy Hospice's 'Leap For Life' campaign all came to take the leap at Skydive Auckland and loved it!

These daredevils have raised a total of $5,560.18 and this is still increasing as they get more sponsorship from their supporters. The money they have raised will help Aucklanders who are living with life-limiting illnesses and their families. Through service, advocacy and education, Mercy Hospice is committed to ensuring that all those in our community needing palliative care, receive it with the utmost professional skill and respect. 

By joining Leap For Life and fundraising the target amount of $800, the participants therefore qualified to receive a FREE 13,000ft skydive. No need to spend months training for a marathon or tricky challenge event when instead you could tick something off your bucket list!

More and more people are deciding to combine adrenaline with doing good and raising money for a great cause. It's amazing how many people would donate to see you take the leap out of a plane! 

Mercy Hospice Leap For Life will be back again this year, so keep an eye out for this fantastic opportunity on our Skydive For Charity page.


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Skydive to Help Ukraine!

While we are having fun jumping out of planes, the situation in Ukraine has escalated to an international crisis.  Being in NZ it feels difficult to know how you can help, but we have one way that you can!

At Skydive Auckland, you can skydive to help Ukraine by raising valuable funds via Unicef. You can combine fundraising with adrenaline by signing up to Unicef's campaign here: https://givealittle.co.nz/l/skydive-auckland2021 and once you have raised the $1000 fundraising target you can book your free 13,000ft skydive at Skydive Auckland and also let us know that you would like your funds to go specifically to Unicef's Ukraine appeal.

UNICEF has been in Ukraine for 25 years, supporting children on both sides of the contact line. As the conflict dramatically escalates, their teams will stay and deliver emergency assistance for the 7.5 million children in urgent need. The children of eastern Ukraine have long been suffering the effects of armed conflict and unrest. Now as the fighting engulfs the entire country, they’re the ones bearing the brunt of this growing humanitarian crisis. They need our help now more than ever. UNICEF is working across Ukraine to rapidly scale up life-saving programmes to ensure there is immediate help for children and families in need:

  • Trucking safe water to conflict-affected areas where water systems are barely functioning.   

  • Pre-positioning health, nutrition, hygiene and emergency supplies as close as possible to communities in need.  

  • Providing protection from violence, exploitation and abuse.  

  • Mobile mental health and psychosocial support units. 

If you have any questions about Skydiving For Charity and skydiving to help Ukraine via Unicef, please contact Jo at marketing@skydiveauckland.com.

National Skydiving Competition at Skydive Auckland

Skydive Auckland are hosting a National Competition in March which will bring visitors to Auckland to compete and spectate. This National Competition was held for the first time in New Zealand in 2021 in the same location.

The NZPF National Competition is set to take place at Skydive Auckland on 18-20 March 2022 with multiple disciplines open for skydivers to compete in such as 4-way formation, performance wing suiting and canopy piloting. Set to be a close and exciting event between competitors the parachutes in the sky make it fascinating for spectators. Training camp for the event will be held on 16-17 March.

The nationals will include the following disciplines:
Canopy Piloting - Open (Distance, Accuracy & Freestyle
Canopy Piloting - Intermediate (Distance, Accuracy & Freestyle
Skydive Auckland is ideal for this event and has the largest swoop pond in the Southern Hemisphere where experienced skydivers can land at high speed. It's 100 metres long and the skydivers will swoop as fast as they can with speeds of around 120km/hr. 
Spectators for this exciting event are welcome to come and watch! 
Not a skydiver but want to get in on the action? - Book a tandem skydive with us!
Mad King Boogie III Sport Skydiving Event at Skydive Auckland

For the third year in a row, in honour of Parakai local and legend 'Mad Dog' Ross King we're hosting a special sport skydiving event at Skydive Auckland, The Mad King Boogie III. During this 4 day event, we will be doing sunrise jumps into Big Manly Beach and sunset beach jumps into Muriwai Beach, novelty jumps, competitions, organised jumps, swooping and more!

Our swoop pond will be an exciting part of the event. Skydive Auckland has the largest swoop pond in the Southern Hemisphere where experienced skydivers can land at high speed. It's 100 metres long and the skydivers will swoop as fast as they can with speeds of around 120 km/hr. They are scored on factors such as; accuracy, distance with contact with the water and the best trick that they can do.

Ross again, will present the 'Mad Dog Award' at the end of the event.

This event is sponsored by NZ Aerosports, NZPF, i-FLY Queenstown, Manufactory Apparel and Aerodyne.

Tandem skydives will be happening as always so if anyone who is not a Sport Skydiver would like to get in on the action, book now!

Over $190,000 raised by Skydive for Charity

This December we've had TWO Skydive For Charity Events where we have welcomed fundraisers that have reached their target for SPCA and KidsCan. 

Jump For KidsCan successfully raised over $34,000 for kiwi kids in need and on Saturday 11th December those fundraisers took the leap!
SPCA Jump To The Rescue raised over $81,000 for the animals. On Saturday 18th December we had skydiving unicorns, lots of brave jumpers and many 4-legged spectators. 
Skydiving For Charity is something that anyone can join. At Skydive Auckland we hold regular charity skydive events throughout the year which you can sign up to, fundraise the target amount, and then take the leap for FREE as your reward. Combine adrenaline with raising money for a great cause. For those thinking up a New Year's Resolution, why not make it a fun, worthwhile and rewarding one! 
During 2021 we have helped to raise over $190,000 for our charity partners!
Coming up soon in 2022 we have Mercy Hospice Leap For Life, Cure Kids and CanTeen events. Or you can jump any day on behalf of Making Trax, Lifeline, Unicef or The Jane Goodall Institute NZ. More charity events will be coming soon too!
Skydive Auckland Certified as COVID Clean Approved by Qualmark

Skydive Auckland is certified as COVID Clean Approved by Qualmark which shows that we implement health and hygiene measures to help protect against COVID-19, in accordance with government guidelines and as part of our ongoing health and safety commitment.

Here is more information about certifications with Qualmark.

The COVID Clean certification allows customers to book knowing Skydive Auckland is a recipient of a Qualmark award AND also that our business operations are maintained in line with the changing COVID-19 environment.

Our Gold Qualmark Award recognises Skydive Auckland as one of the best sustainable tourism businesses in New Zealand, with the delivery of exceptional customer experience an integral part of everything we do. A Gold Sustainable Tourism Award identifies our business as leading the way in making the New Zealand tourism industry a world class sustainable visitor destination.

Skydive Auckland also is a Qualmark 100% Pure New Zealand Experience 2021 Finalist! This is held annually recognising tourism businesses that have made an outstanding contribution towards their people, community and through their actions. Demonstrating our commitment to the three award pillars of manaakitanga, tiaki and whānau, the awards are not just about excellence in business leadership, they’re about recognising Qualmark members who are enriching their operating environment through initiatives that support the sustainability of our business and our communities. 

Skydive Auckland Deal For Fully Vaccinated

We are offering a deal for those who are fully vaccinated against Covid-19. Receive $150 off a 20,000ft skydive by quoting 'vaxxed' when booking for before 1st December 2021. We want to be back in the sky as soon as possible and therefore encourage those who are eligible, to get vaccinated.

Skydive Auckland will be celebrating it's 10th birthday in December, a huge milestone considering the ongoing challenges due to Covid-19. Our birthday gift is $150 off our 20,000ft skydive for anyone who is fully vaccinated, to encourage those who are eligible to get vaccinated. This is the highest skydive in the Southern Hemisphere with 85 seconds of freefall. Those taking the leap will redefine freedom and transform reality, at 200km/hr. The deal for those who are fully vaccinated will run from the day of opening up (whenever Alert Level restrictions allow) until 1st December 2021. Adrenaline seekers will need to quote 'vaxxed' when booking and show evidence of vaccination on the day.

We offer a flexibility promise, so will move your booking to a later date if it cannot go ahead due to Alert Levels. Offer is subject to terms & conditions, direct bookings only, cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

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Skydive Auckland Team Clean Up Day

Our team Clean Up Day is taking place this Friday! The official national NZ 'Keep New Zealand Beautiful' Clean up week has been postponed due to Covid, but we have decided that ours will go on!

We encourage you to do the same and join in! Whatever patch of the planet you are in during lockdown, this Friday at 10am together we roll up our sleeves and clean up some of our local area. Grab a buddy from your bubble to join you and keep in line with Level 4 restrictions.

We wanna see the impact that WE make together, so as you're walking the roadside picking up rubbish, scouring drains for plastic and debry, removing litter from plants and foliage, and eliminating trash from our local environment, take a photo of the massive pile of rubbish you collect.  Or capture before and after shots of your cleaning impact.  Grab a small video of you in action.  Or turn on your Strava, Map My Run or GPS tracking app and send a screenshot of the area that you cleaned up.  Share the part you play in cleaning up NZ by sending it to info@skydiveauckland.com.

We are pretty jolly fortunate to call Aotearoa our home, so let's each do our bit to make our local area a whole lot cleaner, and together let's make New Zealand a little more beautiful - for everyone.

Want the most exciting job ever? A Career In Skydiving

Want an exciting job? Careers don't get much more exciting than this. 

Experience the adrenaline buzz of throwing yourself out of a plane every day, seeing the world from a whole new perspective - while getting paid for it!

The New Zealand Skydiving School is the only organisation to offer the DIPLOMA IN COMMERCIAL SKYDIVING, a formal, NZQA approved skydiving qualification, providing you with the perfect opportunity to gain access to an exciting career with international prospects. Government funding and student loans are available.

The New Zealand Skydiving School has 2 spaces left for it's course starting in October 2021!

Fees free options are available for NZ residents. With 4 scheduled intakes per year, here are the course dates. The Diploma in Commercial Skydiving at the New Zealand Skydiving School is a full time course. 

This 32 week course teaches you the latest skydiving techniques, covers a vast range of subjects and includes a work placement module, to give you the best start in the industry, here in NZ or overseas. Upon successful course completion you will have a minimum of 200 skydives with some excellent career prospects, have experience of working in the skydiving industry and be employable in a range of roles. 

Based in Parakai, West Auckland, accommodation options are available onsite. No previous skydiving experience is necessary.

Learn to skydive and launch your new career!

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Skydive For Charity

Want to take the leap for FREE whilst raising money for a great cause? Skydive For Charity!

We have many charity jump days coming up which are all organised and set up by the specific charity who are partnering with Skydive Auckland as an incentive for fundraisers. 
No need to spend months training for a marathon or tricky challenge event. It's amazing how many people will donate money to see you take the leap out of a perfectly good plane. We love skydiving, and when it is combined with raising much needed funds for our charity partners, this cannot be beaten! 
Jump alone or team up with friends, family or colleagues!
All you need to do is pick the charity you want to fundraise for and sign up here. Fundraise the target amount and you will skydive for free on their chosen skydive day. We also have charity partners who don't pick an event date, but just let you book whatever day you want to skydive.
The charity will subsidise your skydive at a discounted rate, and they will receive all the funds that you have raised through the campaign that they have created themselves. So it's a WIN WIN!
If any of the events are affected by a change in Alert Levels then the charity will either rearrange a new date or issue you a gift voucher to book your skydive for whenever you like.
Sign up now to skydive for charity and we look forward to seeing you here!
Skydive Auckland Finalist Qualmark 100% Pure New Zealand Experience 2021 Award

We are stoked to be a finalist for the Qualmark 100% Pure New Zealand Experience 2021 Award. The award recognises Gold Qualmark members who are enriching their operating environment through initiatives that support the sustainability of the business and their communities. 

Only Gold Qualmark members are eligible to enter these awards and Skydive Auckland has maintained Gold Level standard for multiple years and also been scored as 'Representing Best Practice' in so many areas including Health & Safety, Service, Training, Community Engagement, Team Culture and many more. 

The Qualmark 100% Pure New Zealand Experience Awards have provided us with an opportunity to demonstrate commitment to our people, community and place.

We've been invited to attend a special gala event where the winner will be announced. There is an incredibly high bar for this award, so to be even a finalist is an absolute honour in itself!




Skydive Auckland - Making an NZ Record!

We set an NZ Record! We achieved the NZ Ladies Sequential record and it was such an amazing experience, filled with laughs and learning. It was a 2-point 9way. Thanks to everyone involved and well done ladies! Also, shout out to Brendan Swain for flying camera and capturing these moments to secure our record.

And thanks to The Crowd Goes Wild who visited Skydive Auckland to find out what's involved in the ladies sequential record, featuring some of the fabulous women that took part and successfully made the NZ record. We took reporter Wairangi Koopu for a tandem skydive to show him what it's all about. Clips of the successful NZ record jump then featured again on the show, on Prime. 


Leap For Life 2021 at Skydive Auckland

We can't wait to welcome back Mercy Hospice at the upcoming Leap For Life 2021! 

Take a 'Leap for Life' on Saturday 2 October and raise vital funds for Mercy Hospice!
No need to spend months training for a marathon or tricky challenge event. It's so easy to take part:
1. Click 'Start Fundraising' to sign up NOW and book your place on the plane
2. Raise a minimum of $800 and you will get your 13,000ft jump FOR FREE!
3. Know that the money you raise will help Aucklander's who are living with life-limiting illnesses and their families.
It's amazing how much your friends, family and colleagues will donate to see you jump out of a plane!
So Mercy Hospice have the purpose and Skydive Auckland have the plane. Now we just need some star fundraisers who can raise at least $800 and take the leap!
Mercy Hospice will be there on the day and are also providing food and refreshments for after your jump! You can bring as many supporters on the day as you like and they can watch you getting into the plane and taking off, and will be right in front of the landing area, waiting to see your face as you land.
All fundraisers will need to raise a minimum of $800 for Mercy Hospice to qualify for their free 13,000ft skydive. After $800 has been raised fundraisers can then choose to purchase upgrades to their jump heights or camera packages on the actual day. 
Skydive Auckland will provide the overall highest fundraiser with a free video and photo package valued at $189!
Last year Leap For Life by Mercy Hospice raised an incredible $16,000 in 2020. So let's beat that this year and raise even more! Hit Start Fundraising NOW and lets have some fun!!

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The Beer Spot - Huapai

We now provide pickup from 2 locations! As well as Auckland City Centre, we also provide free return transport from The Beer Spot - Huapai. Who wouldn't want a good NZ beer (or wine) after their skydive!

This month, snap your best Skydive face and post it to Instagram with #myskydiveface, and the best one will win the chance to be thrown out of a plane! You'll also get to celebrate touching down with a Brew Buddy … FLIGHT … at the Beer Spot Huapai afterwards. 



Skydive Auckland - Come To Our Pink Ribbon Breakfast

We love our Pink Ribbon Breakfasts! On Saturday 29th May, Skydive Auckland will be hosting a Pink Ribbon Breakfast for Breast Cancer Foundation NZ.

Pink Ribbon Breakfast is Breast Cancer Foundation NZ’s biggest fundraising campaign, where each year, thousands of amazing Kiwis all across NZ get together to do good in their communities. The money raised helps fund breast cancer education; innovative projects by some of our country’s top researchers; and supports patients and their families as they navigate through their breast cancer journeys.

So come and join us at 08:30am at our base in Parakai, West Auckland, for your coffee fix, and some tasty, freshly baked (pink!) treats. We'll have sweet and savoury options available.